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Dental insurance can be valuable for maintaining good oral health, but many people must fully understand how it works. Here’s what you should know before talking to an insurance company:

The Basics of Dental insurance

Most plans operate on a fee-for-service basis, meaning the provider pays a portion of the cost of covered services. At the same time, the patient is responsible for the remaining balance. This balance is often referred to as a co-pay or co-insurance.

In addition to co-pays and co-insurance, dental insurance plans typically have an annual maximum benefit. This is the most the insurer will shell out for your dental services annually. Once you reach this limit, you’ll be responsible for paying for any additional services out of pocket.

Another consideration is the network of dentists covered by your insurance plan. Some plans require you to see a dentist within their network to receive benefits, while others allow you to see any professional you choose. Check with your insurer to know which dentists are covered under your plan.

The Strategies

Once you understand the basics of your dental insurance plan, a few strategies can maximize your benefits. 

  • An effective way to maximize your coverage is to schedule regular preventive appointments with your dentist. Many insurance plans cover preventive services, such as cleanings and exams, at 100 percent, meaning you won’t pay anything out of pocket.

How Dental Insurance Policy Works - Schedule regular preventive appointments

By scheduling regular appointments, you can catch any potential dental issues early before they develop into more serious problems that may require costly treatments. Plus, preventive care can help you maintain good oral health overall, saving you money on dental treatments in the long run.

  • Another way is to use flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or health savings accounts (HSAs). These allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars for medical expenses, including dental care. Contributing to an FSA or HSA can save money on dental services and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

How Dental Insurance Policy Works - FSAs and HSAs

Before proceeding, be aware of any exclusions or limitations in your dental insurance plan. Some plans may not cover certain procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. Reviewing your plan carefully is important to understand what is and isn’t covered. Talk to your insurance company about that.

  • If you must undergo a procedure that isn’t covered by your policy, there are still options for reducing your costs. Some dental offices offer payment plans or financing options so you can pay for services over time rather than upfront. Additionally, you can negotiate a lower price with your dentist or shop around for more affordable treatment options.
  • Finally, staying informed about changes to your dental insurance coverage is important. Insurance providers may change their policies or coverage options year to year, so review your plan to guarantee you’re still getting the coverage you need.

Inquire about the Right Policy for You

By taking the time to understand your dental insurance plan and utilizing these strategies, you can get more out of your benefits and save money on dental care. Regular preventive care, contributions to FSAs or HSAs, and careful plan review can help you maximize your coverage and maintain good oral health.

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