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Meet the team that treats every policy as a commitment of love and security. We’re here to protect you, your dreams, and your future, all with the warmth of genuine care. We’re not just about numbers; we’re about love—because at the end of the day, we cover you with love!

Fastest-growing insurance company in Texas

Honoree for two consecutive years

Fastest-growing insurance company in USA

Awarded by the Messer Financial Group for six consecutive years

Our Story

10 years ago, we, at TMT Insurance, took a different approach to grow our business by providing love and care to the communities where we live, work and serve. From Houston to Saigon, TMT Insurance celebrates its rich Vietnamese culture while supporting the well-being of underprivileged children and the elders. We favored education and expert advice over aggressive sales tactics. We believed that if we gave genuine love and care to our customers, they would give us their love in return

Our Mission

We provide real expert advice customers can trust when choosing the insurance policy that’s right for them.

With Best-in-Class Customer Care, over 90% of satisfied customers stay with us, year after year. Through your support, TMT Insurance is now among the Top 3 Fastest-Growing Insurance Companies in Texas and among the Top 35 Fastest-Growing Insurance Companies in the US. We are proving that doing good is also good for business.
And we will continue to do so, relentlessly. Because at TMT Insurance, we cover you with love.

Our Mission

We provide real expert advice customers can trust when choosing the insurance policy that’s right for them.

Our Vision

Give genuine love and care to our customers and they will give it back in return.

Our Leaders

When Tony got his start in the insurance business, he only wanted to get a job so that he could live a good life. Over 20 years later, Tony is helping countless others to live their best lives through TMT Insurance.
Magalie boasts over a decade of sales leadership. She co-founded TMT Insurance, TMT Foundation, and iHeart Flipbooks alongside Tony, and now presides as TMT Foundation’s President.

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