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Silver Package


Silver Package


Silver Package


Sponsorship Benefits

Prime booth location in the festival area
Prominent booth location in the festival area
Designated booth location in the festival area
Logo inclusion on event marketing materials and social media promotion
Verbal recognition during the festival's main stage announcements
Six Access pass to our VIP Tea Garden
Four Access pass to our VIP Tea Garden
Two Access pass to our VIP Tea Garden
Inclusion in media coverage
1 minute video of highlight of the event
Exclusive interview with CEO Tony Ly on Tea Time with Tony Show featuring your business on various social media platforms
Dedicated social media shout-outs before and after the event
Opportunity to speak (3 minutes) on stage on the day of event

TMT Insurance Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. Alignment with Company Values: The requesting company or organization should demonstrate alignment with TMT Insurance’s core values, including integrity, professionalism, innovation, and community involvement.
  2. Relevance to Industry: Priority will be given to sponsorship opportunities that are directly related to the TMT Insurance industry or closely associated sectors. Events, initiatives, or projects that promote advancements or address challenges within these industries will be considered favorably.
  3. Audience Reach and Engagement: We will assess the potential reach and engagement of the sponsorship opportunity, including the target audience demographics, expected attendance, media coverage, and digital presence. Events or initiatives with a substantial audience that overlaps with our target market will be given preference.
  4. Brand Exposure and Recognition: Sponsorship packages should offer meaningful brand exposure and recognition for TMT Insurance. This may include prominent logo placement, branding opportunities in marketing materials, signage, digital platforms, and mentions in media coverage or press releases.
  5. Networking and Relationship Building: We value opportunities that facilitate networking and relationship building within the TMT industry. Sponsorship of events or conferences that offer networking opportunities with industry leaders, professionals, and potential clients will be considered advantageous.
  6. Innovative and Unique Opportunities: We are interested in supporting innovative and unique initiatives that distinguish themselves within the industry. Creative sponsorship proposals that offer distinctive experiences, activations, or benefits for attendees will be given special consideration.
  7. Social Responsibility and Impact: TMT Insurance is committed to social responsibility and making a positive impact in our communities. Sponsorship opportunities that support charitable causes, promote diversity and inclusion, or contribute to the advancement of technology education and skills development will be evaluated favorably.
  8. Budget and Resources: We will consider the financial implications of sponsorship opportunities in relation to our budget and resources. Requests should provide clear details regarding sponsorship levels, benefits, and associated costs to ensure transparency and alignment with our financial objectives.
  9. Duration and Frequency: Preference may be given to long-term or recurring sponsorship opportunities that allow for sustained brand exposure and relationship building over time. However, one-time or short-term sponsorships with significant strategic value will also be considered.
  10. Evaluation and Review Process: All sponsorship requests will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by the TMT Insurance Marketing Team. Applicants will be notified of the status of their request within a reasonable timeframe, and decisions will be based on the aforementioned criteria and overall strategic fit with our business objectives.

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